As a Certified Babywearing Consultant. I can help you with any carrier you currently own, or offer recommendations for a future purchase. My extensive carrier library gives you the advantage of having a variety of baby carriers to try on.

Advantages to babywearing:

  • Happier babies–Children who are carried cry less. Several studies, including a randomized control trial published by the AAP in 1986, back up these claims. Many caregivers notice babies and toddlers simply need to be held. You’ll be able to hold your child whenever they need it more easily.
  • Convenience–Whether you’re an avid hiker or simply want to take the stairs, carrying your child in a baby carrier can get you more places.
  • Confidence–It’s easier to notice a child’s early cues while using a baby carrier. You will start to notice when she’s hungry, wet, bored, or tired before she starts crying. This is because you’ll subconsciously come to know her facial expressions and movements.
  • Bonding–Bonding is important for all caregivers. Holding a baby close helps her get to know you. Your voice, your heartbeat, the rhythm of your breathing, the shape of your face, will become familiar.

I am certified as a Babywearing Consultant by the Center for Babywearing Studies.



Individual Babywearing Consultations

I can meet you in your home to provide hands-on help with using baby carriers. I offer babywearing consultations to get you the assistance you need, when you need it.

Individual babywearing consultations are perfect for caregivers who are are expecting a child or already caring for a newborn, infant, toddler, or child with special needs. 

Cost: $30/hour


Online Babywearing Consultations

With an online babywearing consultation, Close to the Heart offers individualized attention regardless of where you are.

What is an Online Babywearing Consultation?

With an online consultation, I ensure you receive individualized attention regardless of where you are. Many clients prefer my online consultation service because it is an ongoing conversation that ensures you can easily get answers to questions as they arise. 

Online Babywearing Consultations are tailored for you and can include:

  • Video chat
  • Exchanging photos and emails
  • Creating tutorials for your specific needs
  • Ongoing support

Cost: Dependent upon needs. Contact for a quote.


Private Group Babywearing Classes

Close to the Heart offers a wide range of group babywearing classes and can be customized to accommodate a variety of group sizes. A class can be a great option for groups of parents or caregivers who already meet regularly and would like to learn more about babywearing.

Babywearing classes for small groups can be as formal or informal as you like. I will bring my baby carrier library when I teach group classes. Participants will be able to try carriers and I will provide professional assistance to ensure they can execute a safe and comfortable carry.

Group Babywearing Classes include:

  • Introduction to Babywearing
  • Crying Avoidance Techniques
  • Newborn Babywearing
  • Toddler (Extended) Babywearing
  • Retail Staff Training
  • Caregiver Staff Training

Cost: Contact for more information on group rates.

Package your babywearing consultation and postpartum support together for a discounted rate.