About the Shop

We carry high-end products for mothers including diaper bags, nursing bras, baby carriers, and more! We have a play nook to entertain the littles while you shop, have the ability to create a registry for you, and offer classes right in the store!

 Our play nook for littles to play while you shop.

Our play nook for littles to play while you shop.


Some of our featured brands include Baby Bling, Bamboobies, Bravado! Designs, Bumblito, Catbird Baby, Charliebear Handmades, Chompy Chic Chewelry, Everly Grey, Fabular Nebulae, Humble Bee, Lenny Lamb, Moby, Mother Loving Potions, Mountain Marsupial, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Rumina, Sarah Wells, Tekhni and more!

Return Policy

We welcome you to return any purchase with your receipt and unopened package within two weeks of purchase. If after that time, please contact the store for assistance.

About the Owner

Jessica Featherstone is the owner of Close to the Heart and lives in Cedarburg with a rambunctious preschooler, her husband and two dogs. She is also a babywearing consultant and postpartum doula.



In 2014, Jessica had her first child and had issues finding the right nursing bra and baby carrier for her. Eventually she found Milwaukee Babywearing and decided to volunteer. This lead to her love of baby carriers and working with postpartum women. She went on to certify as a Babywearing Consultant with the Center for Babywearing Studies and train as a postpartum doula.

 Photo Courtesy of Nancy Camden

Photo Courtesy of Nancy Camden

One thing Jessica realized is that the Ozaukee area doesn’t have a ton of choices for good nursing bras and baby carriers. With this in mind, she decided to open a new boutique in Cedarburg that focuses on items to make a mother’s life easier like a great nursing bra or her perfect diaper bag.

Certifications, Volunteer Work & Additional Training

Milwaukee Babywearers
Past President and Current Volunteer Educator

Hike it Baby
Milwaukee Branch Ambassador

Center for Babywearing Studies
Certified Babywearing Consultant

DONA International
Completed Postpartum Doula Training Course

International Babywearing Conference (July 2016)

WEAR (May 2016, March 2017)

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