We carry a variety of products to support you on your journey as a mother.

If you are choosing to nurse, we offer a wide variety of nursing bras and tanks. When you come into the store, you can have us measure you and help you find your perfect bra. We help women everyday find comfort whether they are nursing or pumping. We offer the largest selection of nursing and pumping bras in Ozaukee County. In addition to bras and tanks, we carry nursing scarves, shawls, pads, and more to help you on your journey.


Nursing Clothing

Don’t take the chance on having to return an item from online shopping... We have a selection of clothing suitable for nursing! Whether you just want pajamas for the first few weeks or want something for around town, we have what you need!


We have a wide selection of diaper bags, pump bags and purses for everyday use. We range from a more utilitarian, gender neutral style to very feminine. Whether you need a larger bag for multiple kids or want something a bit more minimalist, we have what you need.

Baby Carriers

Jessica is a Certified Babywearing Consultant and can help you find the carrier you need. We carry woven wraps (sizes 4 to 8 in stock everyday), stretchy wraps, ring slings, meh dais, buckle style, and onbuhimo carriers. Our selection can help you carry a newborn, a toddler or an older child. Need an in-depth session on baby carriers? We offer a basics class or schedule a consultation with Jessica.

Baby Carrier Accessories

Teething baby destroying your carrier straps? Stop by to pick out pads for your straps or a teething toy to help keep little gums busy.

Mommy and Me

Littles love to match so we have lots of different items for boys and girls to match their mommas!


Whether your little one has dry skin or you need something for cracked nipples, we have a great selection for you. We partner with Mother Loving Potions for anything you need.


Teething is no fun for anyone so we carry silicone and amber teething necklaces, silicone baby carrier accessories, and silicone teethers.


Celebrate the Momma in your life! We have coffee mugs, wine tumblers, books, and more.

Return Policy

We welcome you to return any purchase with your receipt and unopened, unused item within two weeks of purchase. If after that time, please contact the store for assistance.