Supporting, nurturing and empowering families.

There’s nothing quite like adding a new child to your family. I'm here to support and assist you during the postpartum period and beyond.

Postpartum Doula

I am here to help ease your transition into motherhood. Whether this is your first child or fifth, having support is essential throughout your postpartum experience and I'll be there to provide the support you need to adjust to this new phase of life while recovering from childbirth.

Certified Babywearing Consultant

Babywearing is valuable well beyond the postpartum period.  I can help you with a carrier you already own or provide recommendations for a future purchase. You can also try a variety of carriers in my extensive library. 

Client Comments

  • After having our second child my hands were often full and I needed a way to free them up. I expressed interest in ring slings and Jessica opened me up to a new world of being hands free!
    — Amanda S., Grafton
  • Jessica did an amazing job explaining to me all the different aspects of ring slings from price ranges, fabric materials, rings and the different ways you can carry your little one at all different stages. She even went step-by-step with me on how to get my baby in and out of the ring sling safely and comfortably.
    — Amanda S., Grafton
  • At first, I was overwhelmed with the choices and options but Jessica was very knowledgeable and therefore was a huge help in narrowing everything down to find the ring sling that is right for me and my babies! Now, I cannot wait to start babywearing daily!
    — Amanda S., Grafton